• High Performance Leadership



    If you want to FAST-TRACK the learning of Leadership Competencies, this program is for you and your team! These leadership skills can be applied in any government department or corporation and will help you to create a workplace of choice!

    Leaders are Goal-Setters and Risk-Takers! Their focus is on results! They are the movers and shakers.  They are early risers and voracious readers.  They say things like, “Get to the point” or “The buck stops here” or “God helps those who help themselves”.

    To survive and thrive in this fast-changing world, leaders, executives and organizations must out-team, out-think and out-perform their competitors – every single day! This program will teach you how. You will learn hundreds of practical “how to” keys to building high performance teams and getting the results you desire through your team!


    Welcome to the next step on your journey towards becoming a very effective, dynamic and high performance LEADER for these times of change and transition.  You will learn specific, proven, practical ways to plan, organize staff, manage, motivate and think better than ever before. You learn how to get more done with fewer resources, and how to function effectively in times of rapid change.

    Fully 80% or more of your leadership success is mental. What you achieve is determined primarily by the way you think about yourself, your life, and the people around you.  As you change the quality of your thinking, you will change the quality of everything you do to inspire others to follow you!

    The potential of the average person is almost limitless. Leaders with the right skills can help to release the potential of those they manage and direct.

    The secrets of leadership success are not secrets at all. They are timeless truths and practices followed by high-achieving men and women throughout the ages.  As you learn and apply these ideas, you will begin to enjoy the same results as the most successful people in our society.


    Yes, in this rapidly changing world, knowledge, technology and competition are increasing today at a rate never seen before.  For you and your leaders to survive and thrive in this fast-changing world, you must learn how to out-team, out-think and out-perform your competitors – every single day. This program will teach you how.


    The best companies and Government Departments have the best people, and top people are those who think and act faster and better than others.  High Performance Leadership gives you the ideas, methods, strategies and techniques used by all highly effective executives, profitable businesses and world-class teams.  In this exciting and practical program, based on time-tested and proven methods and techniques, you will learn to be more positive, more focused and more effective in every area of your life where your leadership skills are required.


    Leaders who experience this program will be FAST-TRACKED in the development of hundreds of practical “How To” leadership skills that will make them a major competitive advantage.  They will learn specific, proven, practical ways to plan, organize staff, manage, motivate and think better than ever before.


    Each class will be customized and facilitated by a highly skilled and experienced facilitator who will assist participants to process, assimilate and apply the ideas into their daily life.

    “The High Performance Leadership Seminar will have a direct effect on team integration and our results.  Well done Neil, you add a profound level of insight.  Thank you.” Fred Pollard, Director of Operations, Canada Post Corporation Toronto

    COURSE OUTLINE:   From this list we customize the program to meet your specific needs.

    1. Becoming a Leader
    2. Strategies for Effective Leadership
    3. Entrepreneurial Thinking
    4. Military Principals of Strategy
    5. The Formula for Strategic Planning
    6. How Excellent Leaders Lead
    7. Key Functions of Managers
    8. Fielding a Winning Team
    9. Building Peak Performance Teams
    10. Communicate with Power
    11. The Customer is Always Right
    12. Meeting Management Magic
    13. A Great Place to Work
    14. Motivating People for Maximum Results
    15. Getting the Best Out of Others
    16. The Manager, Coach and Confidante
    17. Boosting Employee Performance
    18. Becoming a Master of Change
    19. Seven Secrets of Managerial Success
    20. Getting the Most Out of Yourself
    21. Setting Your Priorities
    22. The Pursuit of Personal Excellence
    23. Negotiating Strategies and Tactics
    24. Balancing Your Total Life
    25. Superior Selection Skills
    26. Coping with Difficult People
    27. Delegation – The Key to Leverage
    28. Inspecting What You Expect
    29. How to Solve Every Problem
    30. Making the Best Decisions

    For Example:

    Session 1 – Becoming a Leader – The Essence of Leadership

    The more of a leader you become on the inside, the more effective you become in all your leadership activities on the outside.  In this session, you will learn the eight essential qualities for effective leaders in every area of endeavor. With these qualities you will accomplish more, faster than perhaps you’ve ever imagined.

    By the end of this module, you will learn:

    • The leaders as the most important factor in organizational success.
    • The primary quality of leadership.
    • The foremost of the leadership virtues.
    • The most required and respected quality of leadership.
    • The key quality of leadership success.
    • Henry Ford’s insight into leadership.
    • A key quality of leaders is foresight – the ability to look forward, to anticipate.
    • The vital leadership commitment.
    • The most important leadership ability.
    • The continuous process of personal and professional development.

    Watch this module now:

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