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    The Insights Seminar uses two personality profile systems to “fast track” the understanding and immediate application of a language for understanding self and others.  These systems fit perfectly with the Myers-Briggs system and multiply that investment. This one-day seminar is highly interactive and fun, helping participants learn the skills and attitudes necessary to become effective in managing, motivating, communicating and engaging others effectively.  The ability to interact, engage effectively is the key to peak performance in both work and personal life.


    • Better morale, engagement, teamwork, and customer satisfaction.
    • Increased self-knowledge of personal strengths and areas to improve in.
    • Ideas on how to motivate and coach your staff.
    • Uncover issues blocking team progress.
    • Improve communications skills.
    • Reduce conflict and stress.
    • Increased productivity.
    • Improve product quality.
    • Increase creative ideas.
    • Reduce turnover.
    • Improved morale and performance.
    • Solve team problems.
    • Develop self-managed teams.

    Imagine a time and place where everyone in your organization shares a common language. Imagine a language which allows them to communicate effectively, with both customers and colleagues. Imagine having a language which helps them to recognize and value the contributions that each individual can make. A language which makes personal development, empowerment and team­ centered leadership a way of life. Our journey will take us to a place where all of these things are possible.

    Managers and human resource professionals worldwide, through ever-increasing drives towards empowerment, the total quality revolution, and customer-driven, team-centered leadership, have been desperately seeking ways to articulate the importance of understanding people and their interactions and motivations in every aspect of an excellent business.

    The important issue becomes helping others learn the skills and attitudes necessary to become effective in managing, motivating, communicating and interacting. The Insights program, through its unique link between the latest computer software and a model of relationships unparalleled in simplicity, offers great depth and goes further than ever before in meeting interpersonal challenges.

    The research behind Insights draws upon the most fundamental and tested concepts in the area of understanding how people function, notably the foundational work of Jung and Marston, and the many models which have since been developed. Many of these models are useful, but their synthesis (and in some cases their demystification) is provided in the Insights model, which extends their strengths, and reduces some of their limitations.

    The Success Insights Wheel demonstrates the differences between a person’s Natural Style, Adapted Style and Work Environment. In addition, when profiling a team, the DISC practitioner can see the team’s behavioral composition and potential conflicts at a glance with the Wheel.

    The integration of the Success Insights Wheel into your business will build your credibility as well as increase your knowledge of observable human behavior. The accuracy of the Wheel model is enhanced because it uses a basis of eight behavioral styles instead of four. This improves your ability to understand systems such as Carl Jung’s or Myer’s Briggs.

    “It’s magic when you get it right. All in all, “Insights” was the best session of its kind that I have attended.  While things like Myers-Briggs are of some value, this program provided very practical application.” Mark Harrison, Regional Director, Public Works and Government Services Canada

    People Factor

    One of the best ways to improve morale and productivity is to build successful teams that have an understanding of the unique gifts that each team member brings.  People that are managed and motivated based on these unique strengths and natural style are always more effective.

    The ability to interact, engage effectively is the key to peak performance in both work and personal life.  People are unique and must be managed, motivated, communicated with and supported in a way that capitalizes on their strengths. All people are motivated to fulfill their own particular potential in their own particular way.  A manager can stimulate an employee’s motivation best when the stimulus he or she provides fits with that employee’s personality characteristics.

    You will learn to Understand and Appreciate Differences in People by using the Insights system of a color-coded wheel, which provides a visual representation of eight behavioral styles and needs. You will also see and experience how this fits perfectly with the “Psycho-Geometrics” and “Myers-Briggs” models.

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