• Maximum Achievement


    The Keys to Peak Performance and Personal Leadership

    Alvin Toffler the futurist said: “In the world of the future, the new illiterate will be the person who has not learned HOW to learn.”



    Why are some people more successful than others? This question has been studied by the greatest thinkers throughout the ages. This program is designed to give individuals the strategies, methods and practical “how to” techniques practiced by the most successful, happy and productive people in our society.

    • Job security exists as individuals choose to create high personal and professional value by choosing to become brilliant on the “foundational skills” learned in this program!

    “It has been 3 1/2 years of self discovery and untold awakenings since I attended your Seminar.  Over my 24-year government career, I attended a number of self-improvement courses.  This course, by far, was worth more than the rest combined.   There are times in one’s life when “thanks” just isn’t good enough, and this is one of them.  The seminar changed my life and I thank you for that.” Ed Klemm, Public Works Government Services Canada


    This multi-media, highly interactive program has been shared with more than one million men and women all over the world. Many tens of thousands of people in some of the biggest and best corporations have been through this program and ranked it as the finest seminar on personal and professional development ever created.


    “This was by far the best seminar that I have attended in my 23 years with the RCMP. With uncommon practicality the seminar leaves participants transformed, ready and committed to a dramatic change in attitude in their personal as well as professional life.” Tom Wieclawski, Manager, Learning Technology and Creative Services – RCMP “Depot” Division


    Learn how to build self-esteem, become confident, set goals, take responsibility, manage the challenges of change, manage your career and become a most valuable employee, communicate effectively, creatively solve problems, manage time, manage stress, provide excellent customer service, take full control of your work and personal life, and much more. By practicing the principals taught in Maximum Achievement, your entire life will be transformed. You will be able to accomplish more in a few years than most people accomplish in a lifetime.


    “Never before has a single course offered so much value both personally and professionally.  This program not only shows how to build self-esteem and self-confidence for its participants, it clearly helps to develop specific measurable goals allowing personal transformation to occur.” RD, HR Director, Monsanto Canada Inc.



    1. The Keys to Peak Performance and Personal Leadership
    2. The Seven Mental Principles to High Performance
    3. The Keys to Peak Performance
    4. Taking Charge of Your Life
    5. Releasing Your Brakes
    6. Managing Your Emotions
    7. Programming Your Mind for Success
    8. Changing Your Self Concept
    9. The New Mental Diet
    10. The Master Skill of Success
    11. Seven Steps to Goal Achievement
    12. Focal Point – The Power of Concentration
    13. The Challenges of Change
    14. Managing Your Career
    15. High Performance Team Work
    16. Eliminating Stress and Tension
    17. Doubling Your Brain Power
    18. Unlocking Your Creativity
    19. Developing a Success Personality
    20. The Integrating Principle

    “The Maximum Achievement Seminar opened my eyes, and changed my life! I had become someone who was ungrateful for his job and now…I’m applying to become a supervisor, a supervisor like the one who gave me the gift of Maximum Achievement.” Craig Anaka, Canada Post Corporation


    Sample Video from Maximum Achievement:   

    • You learn how to make the leap to full maturity and self-reliance. You gain breakthrough insights that positively transform the way you view yourself and your relationships with others. You learn how to short-circuit negative responses, and achieve a level of calmness, clarity and peace that lets you perform at your best both at home and at work.

    “I cannot possibly think of anything that would have been a better investment of my time!! 
    Life changing
    …I’m not sure, but it has more potential to do just that than anything else I’ve experienced.”
    Manuel Amorim, Regional Manager – RCMP, Western Region



    “Everyone, managers, workers, spouses should go through this at least once, preferably early in their career or life.  It really opened my eyes about myself.  Thank You.”   Ken Doege, Mechanical Maintenance Technician, RCMP “Depot” Division

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